3 x Assorted Party Bags

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The perfect alternative to the traditional lolly bag! Buy 3 for just $10! You can mix and match designs and quantities - just let us know at checkout! You have a choice of

  • Baby unicorn
  • Mini legoman 
  • Ladybug
  • 3D cupcake
  • Peppa Pig
  • Pikachu

So the party is coming to an end and the children are already hyped up on sugar. 
Be kind to your fellow parents - give each guest a plaster painting goody/party bag instead! 

Each pack contains one plaster; 3 colour acrylic paint set; and 1 paint brush. Choose from baby unicorn, Legomen, ladybug, 3D cupcake, Peppa Pig or Pikachu . Specify your three preferences in the comments section at checkout. 

PLEASE NOTE: These are mini plasters with various designs measuring at 8cm or less. As with all our plaster products, everything is handmade and hand packed. We do keep healthy stock levels on hand, but please note there could be a delay of up to 1-2weeks depending on demand.